Top 10 Ways to Build Your Company

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1. Make customer care your #1 priority

Never miss an inbound call! Let us make your follow up calls. Great communication with your existing and new clients is essential to your business’ success. Your clients experience our commitment to excellent service in each call, email or chat.

2. Hire the best people you can afford

Don’t worry about hiring and training new staff, hire us! Leverage our affordable talent! Our team members are selected for their professionalism, poise, and positive attitudes with experience and knowledge of your business. Expand your staff without expanding your payroll.

3. Differentiate your business from your competitors – be unique!

How can we help your business be better, different and unique? We understand that no one client has the same needs. The breadth of our services, the flexibility of our dedicated account team is shaped to your specific requirements with customized scripts that reflect your unique brand, in every call, email and web chat, 24/7!

4. Increase profitability and client loyalty.

As a small business, your profits can easily be consumed by investing in the latest technology. One of the biggest challenges of a small business is acquiring new technology to improve your customer’s experience, while maintaining a healthy bottom line. Let our full time, dedicated IT team remove the techno-blues from your business. Receptionist365 uses cutting-edge, proprietary tools with web-enabled applications to capture leads, manage sales, handle calls and build strong, loyal customer relationships.

5. Seize the day… and night!

Many small business owners know that there is often a cost to getting away for even a few hours. If potential clients can’t reach you, they often move on to the next service provider. So, got a tee time? Planning to take your family out for dinner and a movie or on a vacation? Don’t worry, while you’re away let us capture opportunities you may have otherwise missed. Getting away shouldn’t cost you sales.

6. Value customers by serving them well.

There is no argument! Your customers expect great service. Great customer service runs through our veins, both in the service we provide our clients and straight through to the service our team provides your clients. The rewards for you are indisputable – customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and profits!

7. Ramp up effortlessly.

Let our team take you on a joy ride to your next level! Use us and our workforce as your expansion team without the extra cost. Prepare your business for the stratosphere with calls, emails and 24/7 web chats pouring in and be confident that a live, friendly and skilled staff member is there to answer.

8. Never compromise on quality!

When a small business compromises on quality, they may as well open their competitor’s door and say “Welcome, come on in.” Our Quality Assurance Team conducts daily call monitoring and message delivery verification tests to ensure that your clients are treated with the highest respect, meeting your standards. We can provide recording of all calls for your inspection upon request.

9. Be the service standard for your industry.

A successful small business sets the standard all others strive for. We understand that you want more for your service dollar and this is why we use our industry-specific training department to deliver a greater and more knowledgeable level of service than a typical answering service. Our team members often have previous experience in your industry and we provide exceptional training on industry terms, nuances and rules.

10. Commit your business to continuous improvement.

Wouldn’t it be great if things always stayed the same? Not! Change is the only way we and our businesses improve, evolve, learn and succeed! When you hire us, prepare to be delighted by our openness and commitment to continuously look for ways to improve our service to you and your clients. Your clients will appreciate our great Midwest attitude, friendliness and exceptional customer service by phone, email or chat. Our team understands that quality results are #1!