A History of Excellence in Call Center Outsourcing

WASI, World Access System Inc., founded in 1998, began as an advertising and marketing services firm in Omaha, Nebraska. The company grew steadily over the first five years to include real estate brokerage services, until it found new ownership and direction in 2004. WASI embarked on a new path of technology advancement, adding multimedia and real-time communication networks to support growing diversity.

In 2007, WASI found solid backing, a new leader, and a new location with its new controlling partner, H & B Enterprises with CEO Henry Schelling. WASI continued its migration toward technology and communications. In a bold move to re-establish corporate focus and re-align with its service offerings, the company changed its name to Worldwide Access Solutions Incorporated, retaining the WASI brand.

Culminating in 2007, the shift to technology and communication based services primarily focuses on innovative Call Center Service Solutions. Most recently, in July of 2009, a major national brand was signed on as a new client. The addition of two additional new clients in both August and September of this year demonstrate WASI’s ability to adapt and grow in the changing world market.

A clear advantage

The commitment to people, investment in technology and focus on the needs of our clients are the key pillars that make us different.

  • Diverse areas of expertise allow us to offer a wide range of services.
  • Focus on inbound call handling helps us attract skilled, career-minded individuals who go the extra mile for our clients.
  • Ongoing training maximizes the potential of our technology for your benefit.

“Our commitment to our people coupled with our investment in technology and relentless focus on the needs of our clients, are what set WASI apart.”Hank Schelling – CEO

Management Team

Hank Schelling

President & CEO

Hank Schelling acquired WASI in 2004 and is currently President and Chief Executive Officer.  He is the driving force behind transforming the organization from a small twelve person telephone call center to a single-source, full service outsource solutions provider.

Hank’s career has been focused serving in management and leadership roles while building every aspects of a sales organization and customer service team.  His 360 degree view of the business, daily involvement, leadership with compassion, vision for the future, building teams for the success of any organization while keeping in pace with today advance technology, has allowed of steady growth year over year.

Chasitie Vander Plaats

Chief Financial Officer

Chasitie joined Worldwide Access Solutions Incorporated in 2007 and is currently the Chief Financial Officer. In her current role, Chasitie is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, financial planning and analysis, treasury, customer focused marketing, developing and overseeing the execution of fully integrated marketing plans, managing the trends/sensitivity analysis, providing strategic analytic solutions and preparing models and analytics that drive strategic decisions. Additionally, Chasitie analyzes the marketplace and shapes the company’s strategies accordingly to capture profitable growth for the company as well as its customers.

Chasitie joined WASI with solid management experience with one of North America’s leading food companies. Being with the company for over 8 years has also given both customers and business owners a trusted and valuable advisor. Chasitie strives not only on the success of the company, but also on the customers it services by building solid means of communication and data.

Chasitie received her degree from the University of Northern Iowa in Finance and Marketing. She has served on several Omaha boards as Treasurer and Financial Advisor as well as being a member of Sigma Iota and the National Association of Credit Management.  She is also an active volunteer within the community.

Bev Schelling

Human Resources

In her current role, Bev is responsible for the strategic leadership of the Human Resources team. Her primary focus is on recruiting, screening, and hiring the best talent with a cultural fit, as well as increasing overall employee engagement and internal communication through strategic positioning and targeted messaging.

Rachel Lenagh

Office Manager

Rachel Lenagh joined the company in 2010 as a call center agent and has worked her way up to her current position as Office Manager. Rachel has over 20 years of customer service experience that she has obtained in from various positions in the insurance industry to retail. In her current position, Rachel is responsible for the facilities day to day operations such as distributing building access keys to assisting HR in various duties. Rachel is also responsible for managing various clients’ accounts to ensure that the client’s needs are being met.